A Traveler’s Edge on the Beautiful Glimpses of Cebu South

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Barili, pride of Mantayupan Falls

On the other rural side of the province, a dazzling municipality of Barili welcomes you. It is located geography southwest of the province with its never ending curves and downhills to venture.

An interesting spot to spend time is its golden pride: The Mantayupan Falls:

Mantayupan Falls

A 2.5 hour drive away from Cebu City.

This beautiful wonder is composed of two levels, at the first level are three fourteen meter (14 mtr.) falls, and at the second level is a ninety-eight meter high (98 mtr.) waterfall. From the parking area it is an easy 1-2 minute walk to the first falls. There are several steps and a bridge going up to the second falls. A canteen is visible inside the vicinity for visitors and sightseers to recess on. Well-paved pathways and foot bridge will lead you to the falls. An entrance fee of 30 pesos is collected at the gate. To get there, just take a single motorcycle (habal-habal) upon reaching the town proper of Barili.

Paradise Mountain Valley

Another natural asset of the town is the Paradise Mountain Valley Resort.

Paradise Mountain Valley Resort makes your adventure trip memorable. A hidden paradise noteworthy of revealing its unique beauty, enchantment, tranquility and refuge it radiates to people. A place to loosen up stressors, cool down and refresh. Perhaps an overnights stay will do.

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