A Traveler’s Edge on the Beautiful Glimpses of Cebu South

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Moalboal, sandy Beach, Crystal-clear Water, Dive Spot

Continuing your chase of felicity, you have to travel another 2 towns from Barili. Here comes Moalboal.
The town boasts of its nice beaches. Long stretch of pure white sand, sugary fine and glimmering. An overnight camp is befitting for night activities and hanging outs. Open to the public 24/7.


White Beach is known for its beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear water. There is plenty of accommodation near the beach to cater tourist’s needs for refreshment and meals. The fine powdered sand glittering like diamonds is beyond compare. Basdaku Beach offers affordable room rates, souvenir shops, boat rentals for diving and snorkeling, and more genuine and natural. It is also called the “Basdaku.” An amazing and marvelous beach to swim and dive also for its unspoiled colorful marine life.

Basdaku is nestled in Saavedra. A P20 tricycle ride can take you there readily from the public Market.

Of course another spot in the bucket is the orchid farm.

The biggest gallery in the country and home of different kinds. It’s one of the best places to unwind. The variety of the orchids mesmerizes you coupled with the colors in multitude. This place is a must-see for orchid and flower lovers with over 200,000 kinds of orchids, including rare and tropical varieties from Asia, South America and Hawaii. Only P20 can buy you happiness from this fascinating display.

To reach there, you can take a tricycle from the market for 10 pesos or walk from the Moalboal market in 15 minutes.

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