A Traveler’s Edge on the Beautiful Glimpses of Cebu South

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Dumanjug, town of Friendship

Go to the town of friendship, the town of Dumanjug.

St. Francis Of Assisi Church

A beautiful parish signifies the highlight of the town’s faith. The St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church.

One of the most beautiful 19th century churches built and made from limestone and finely cut sea coral stones. Place is so calm, silent and soul searching. You’ll love it here for sure. A beautiful town parish.

[button link=”https://hotels-in-cebu.com/beautiful-glimpses-of-cebu-south/12/” type=”icon” icon=”refresh”] #11 Badian, breathtaking Kawasan falls, Island Gulf[/button][button link=”https://hotels-in-cebu.com/beautiful-glimpses-of-cebu-south/14/” type=”icon” icon=”refresh”] #13 Alcantara, walk thru 1km Boardwalk[/button]
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