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Information Updates

To the best of our abilities we will try to periodically update our information and reflect them on our site at the soonest possible time. Giving informative presentation to our readers is Hotels in Cebu’s topmost passion and mission, knowing that the success of any trip leans on the aptness of the lodging selected. And this all depends on how travelers get pertinent information before the actual trip is made.

However, updating information on the Hotels in Cebu site, again, cannot be guaranteed to be always immediate. Updating can sometimes depend on the availability of electrical power, the Internet, or the server. There will be times when the server is down, rendering updates to be unworkable for a period.

Non-Culpability of Site Owners and Managers

Hotels in Cebu encourages remarks from site visitors who may have queries or comments about a featured hotel. They may also want to share personal experiences on the same. Such comments are visibly posted on the site as promotional boosts for said hotels, personal experience being a powerful advertisement.

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The same is true with any inaccuracy in the site content pertaining to a featured establishment or those mentioned casually in the process of describing an incidental feature, like a tourist spot, commercial area, or restaurant near a hotel. Should the inaccuracy seem to cause a problem later or cause any damage to the reader and his company, the site, its owners and managers and staff take no responsibility for it.

We advice our readers and site visitors to always directly check with the hotel or establishment concerned for fact verification before proceeding with anything involving the same. Should articles of our website fail to coincide with the real conditions in a featured hotel or place (or if any damages should derive from your use of our website), you as our reader or site visitor, upon your use of our site, automatically agree to exonerate the site and its owners, managers, and staff from any blame or guilt, whatsoever. The same goes for our subsidiaries and third parties who are our partners.

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