10 Things to Expect from The Pyramid, Cebu’s Newest Dining Spot

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The Pyramid is a fusion of both Egypt’s Pyramids and The Louvre Pyramid in Paris. Located in Cebu IT Park, along W. Geonzon St., it makes for a refreshing sight, especially when it is lit up in all its glory. Beyond its Instagram-perfect façade and lighting, you can expect so much more from The Pyramid.

1. Stunning design
The Pyramid makes it easier for you to imagine that you’re in fact in front of The Louve Museum in Paris. Its unusual shape makes it eye-catching and made all the more special with its awesome interior and lighting. It can give Cebuanos a pretty unique wine-and-dine experience.

2. Wide selection of dishes
The restaurant offers pasta, different types of cheese, salad, wine and craft beer. You can choose crispy pata and other Filipino dishes, Spanish delicacies like tapas, and Italian dishes, too. For dessert, you can go French with their macaroons. Totally fusion cuisine!

4. Affordable
Food prices are surprisingly affordable at P100 and you can share a bottle of wine with family and friends for at least P250. You might not expect this price range just by looking at the luxurious structure of the restaurant.

5. No intimidating fine dining
While The Pyramid looks imposing and fancy on the outside, it is a bistro perfect for casual dining.

6. Accessible
The Pyramid is located across eBloc 3 in Cebu IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City. It is right beside Yakski and near IT Park’s Sugbo Mercado.

7. No rushing
The restaurant opens from 4pm to 2am, perfect for those who want to go drinking to relax after a long day at work or catch up with friends after a hectic schedule.

8. Art for the soul
Yes, The Pyramid is more than just a wine and dine spot. It also exhibits some art pieces from Korean artists.

9. Instagrammable
The Pyramid is truly Instagram worthy! Your photos might make it seem like you’ve gone out of the country to wine and dine.

10. Venue for exclusive events
You can book The Pyramid for weddings, corporate events, debuts, and other events for at most 300 people.

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