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A news broke out regarding the currently missing AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ8501 traveling to Singapore from Surabaya and was expected to arrive at 08:30 (00:30GMT) of Sunday, December 28.

Several information and updates have already been posted in the internet about the missing aircraft. One is coming from this website whereby further facts have been gathered to give you a more detailed information regarding the missing flight.

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Latest Updates on AirAsia Flight QZ8501:

— SURABAYA, 30TH DECEMBER 2014, 18:00 PM (GMT+7) – AirAsia Indonesia regrets to inform that The National Search and Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia (BASARNAS) today confirmed that the debris found earlier today is indeed from QZ8501, the flight that had lost contact with air traffic control on the morning of 28th December 2014.

The debris of the aircraft was found in the Karimata Strait in South East Belitung. (via AirAsia)

— Indonesian navy confirm more than 40 bodies retrieved in AirAsia search.

— Unconfirmed items resembling an emergency slide and a plane door have been reportedly spotted during the search for the missing AirAsia flight, as stated by Indonesian authorities.

— SURABAYA, 29TH DECEMBER 2014, 10:30 AM (GMT+7) – AirAsia Indonesia has received confirmation from The National Search and Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia (BASARNAS) that an international search and rescue mission from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia has been mobilized in the search of flight QZ8501. The mission in Surabaya has resumed today at 06.00 AM LT (GMT+7).

AirAsia Indonesia continue to support these efforts and has been actively cooperating with the search and rescue authorities.

— AirAsia Flight QZ8501 is predicted to be at the bottom of the sea. “Based on the coordinates given to us and evaluation that the estimated crash position is in the sea, the hypothesis is the plane is at the bottom of the sea,” Bambang Soelistyo told in a press conference. “That’s the preliminary suspicion and it can develop based on the evaluation of the result of our search,” he added.

What we know so far about AirAsia Flight QZ8501:

AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ8501 is an Airbus A320­-200 with the registration number PK­AXC. It is a six-­year old single-­aisle jetliner first delivered in September 2008 based on Flightradar24, a website for flight tracking.
Missing Air Asia Indonesia Flight QZ8501
The Airbus Group NV A320 is the only aircraft operated by AirAsia. It is modern and reliable with 180 maximum allowed seats and operates in a single­class arrangement.

Onboard the aircraft are 7 crew members including an Indonesian captain, a French First Officer pilot, presumably Remi Emmanuel Plesel, four flight attendants, and a flight engineer. Plus, 155 passengers which complete names are listed here.

With no distress signal, Flight QZ8501 lost contact with air traffic control 42 minutes after the plane took off from Surabaya Airport over the Java Sea between Tanjung Pandan on Belitung island and Pontianak, part of Kalimantan island.

AirAsia stated the plane was on the submitted flight plan route and had requested a deviation from the flight plan due to bad weather. Indonesian Air Traffic Control said the plane has been flying at 32,000 feet when it asked to turn left and go higher at 34,000 feet to hinder the clouds. That was the last contact between the pilot and the Air Traffic Control before it disappeared from the radar and lost communication.

Extremely bad weather over north of Surabaya around time AirAsia flight went missing.

Some speculations on the unusual deviation of route request have been thrown by experts. Based on the weather condition, it’s been said that there were few thin clouds but the winds were light, something you cannot call severe and usually won’t need a route deviation. However, speculations will remain as they are until further facts and proofs have been laid off.

AirAsia is a Malaysia-­based airline which owns 49% of the Indonesian subsidiary and is dominant for its cheap travels without reports of lost plane since the beginning until now. It is a low­-cost airline operating in several Southeast Asian nations, and is one of the largest operators of Airbus A320 with about 100 destinations that holds orders for hundreds more Airbus jets.

AirAsia CEO, Tony Fernandes, tweets heading to Surabaya, Indonesia where the plane took off.

If we can all remember, Malaysia has already suffered two major aviation disasters this year ­both Boeing 777 from Malaysia Airlines, one gone missing while the other was shot down.

Also ReadInteresting Facts About AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ8501

Based on the American and European authorities, AirAsia has a clean safety record including its affiliates from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India. It’s already more than 8 hours since the Flight QZ8501 has gone missing, and its fuel can only last up to 4.5 hours. Despite that, plus the fact that it didn’t send any distress signal, we are still hoping that the plane has landed safely and that the crews and passengers on board can still go back to their families alive.

AirAsia released its official press statement which you can read on the next page.

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