Cebu City Mayor Shows Plans for Aviary Park Near Compania Maritima Building

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Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña posted the video of the plans for the proposed Martima Cebu and Aviary Walk-in Park on Facebook on Wednesday, March 22.

It shows how the city envisioned the new structures that will be added to the historical Compania Maritima building, located at the north end of the Cebu South Coastal Road at the South Road Properties (SRP). The building used to house the office of one of the biggest shipping companies in Cebu, Compania Maritima, since the 1930’s, although it has been abandoned since the late 1980’s when the company filed for bankruptcy.

Now, it is about to be brought back to life with Cebu City’s plans of adding an outdoor café, a walk-in park, and an aviary to the site, where birds can freely fly around without being caged.

“A PPP project on the site of the old Compania Maritima building: an outdoor cafe with an aviary and park. No cages, just a big enclosed space birds can fly in that you can also walk through,” Osmeña said in his post.

The park is still in the planning stages, but the idea is clear as to what it will offer its visitors.

In the comments section, Mayor Osmeña responded to the reactions and suggestions of some netizens.

Maria Lourdes Reyes-Gianetta expressed her worry about having a bird poop on her head, like her experience, while dining at the café, but the mayor assured her the café will be outside the aviary, where the birds will remain.

Aviary Park

Emy A. Pedrosa suggested that the park should be close to cafes and restaurants with a variety of dishes to offer, to which the mayor said that the second phase of the plan is to build a hotel.
Aviary Park

Here’s the video of what the aviary and walk-in park may look like and it seemed to be a promising addition to Cebu’s must-visit spots.

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