Cebu White Sands Resort & Spa Review

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If you’re in Cebu for an ultimate beach experience and you want accommodation strategically located, then seriously consider staying at Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa. It’s on the east coast of Mactan Island—the place to be in Cebu for superb beach sights and adventures. And among the best things about the place is, it’s so easy to get there. Maribago Beach in Mactan, location of this Cebu resort, is a mere 15-minute cab ride from the Mactan, Cebu International Airport.

Guest Rooms, Grounds, and Services

You have a choice of 50 guest rooms nestled on a sprawling 2-hectare beach paradise. The exterior and interior architecture of the establishment and rooms are all carefully treated for creating a warm, relaxing, and lavish atmosphere. Rooms are popular as among the finest in Mactan, and coupled with superb and unique services like baby-sitting, massage, and bell, airline, and transport services (aside from the usual ones that characterize high-class resorts), room experience at Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa is nothing short of excellent.

You have the following options for rooms: deluxe rooms, courtyard rooms, Mabuhay rooms, and semi-suites. By the way, right across the street from Cebu White Sands and Spa are villa residences for folks who want to reside right across the posh and world-class resort.

Celebrate, Dine, and Relax

Luxurious resort facilities plus total tropical beach experience in Cebu equals Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa. You stay in this resort for three primary and exhilarating reasons: to celebrate, dine, and relax. And for these you have the following options: try the Anahata Spa for mind and body relaxation and rejuvenation; enjoy the day-tour escapade and don’t miss visiting the Islas Tres Rosas islets cluster reached by a 30-minute boating adventure; get some sunlight at sea with aqua sports and recreation, cool off with tasty local beverages and cocktails; and romantic dinners exclusively for two.

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