CebuView Tourist Inn Review

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If the first thing you need to have upon touching down Mactan Cebu International Airport is pleasant relaxation, just proceed straight to CebuView Tourist Inn. You can reach it within 30 to 40 minutes of travel via cab from the airport or about 10 to 20 minutes from the seaports. And the efficient reception services of CebuView Tourist Inn will see to it that you get immediate accommodation and relaxation.

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Hotel Aura and Rooms

Everything about CebuView Tourist Inn hints of quick service and convenience—to get settled quickly once in Cebu and either start your sightseeing or business or get some relaxation at the hotel pronto. From the front desk, access to your room is made easy with an efficient elevator. The moment you step into your snugly modern air-conditioned room, you can instantly relax in bed and turn on the cable TV or take a hot or cold shower. All 42 spacious guest rooms at CebuView Tourist Inn have these, as well as a telephone service. You have 5 options for room types: deluxe with a double bed, deluxe family room for 5, deluxe room with a twin bed, standard room with a double bed, or standard room with a twin bed.

For the busy business executive closing a deal or attending a conference in Cebu, the fax and free Wi-Fi service of the hotel will help you update your clients with necessary documents. Safety deposit boxes are also available for safekeeping of valuables.

Coffee Shop and Accessibility to Other Commercial Areas

The CebuView Tourist Inn coffee shop ambience is an inviting place for having delightful meals or snacks with the family. Or, if you want to explore the city and try some modern eateries there, CebuView Tourist Inn is near shopping centers and restaurants and even popular landmarks and educational institutions.

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