Coal Mountain Resort in Argao Review

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Mining tunnel turned mountain retreat spot in the mountainous barangay of Linut-od. That’s the appeal of Coal Mountain Resort in Argao, which now lures adventurous vacationers to this town of Cebu. BOOK HERE!

Owned by the family of Argao Vice Mayor Stanley Caminero, it is actually a demo tunnel for mining trainees for safety training. It’s located 70 feet below the ground, 468 meters above sea level and 475 feet long. You may explore it in full mining gear for P80 or dare try it in plain clothes for only P30. Or simply opt to enjoy the resort and its surrounding mountain scenery.

The Resort

Coal Mountain Resort offers rooms and accommodation, swimming pools, a resto bar, conference or dining hall, and covered court for various occasions. But for the more adventurous guests, the resort offers a 220-meter zipline, 220-meter cable car, and canopy walking on a hanging native bridge, all offering breath-taking views of the Linut-od forest below. Imagine strolling around the resort on wooden and swaying hanging bridges resting on tall trees. And not to be missed is the exciting 70-foot descent to the demo tunnel.

Swimming pools are naturally spring-fed (overlooking beautiful Argao mountain ranges) and are divided into adults (7-foot deep), kiddy slide (4-foot deep), and diving pool (16-foot deep diving area with a 7-foot depth n general).

Kids will also surely love the mini zoo somewhere on a downhill area. Mountain animals like monkeys, birds, big lizards and snakes are the sight treats.

Impressive Tunnel Tour

This is a real mining tunnel we’re talking of here. Narrow pathways dug 70 feet below the ground and buttressed by heavy logs. The tunnel is used for rescue and safety trainings by the military.


You may opt to stay overnight at the Coal Mining Resort to maximize your stay. A room for four with twin beds costs P1,000 a night. For a bigger group, opt for the 6-person room with shared beds for P1,200 a night. For guests preferring the feel of a typical mountain overnight, a native bahay kubo (nipa hut) is offered for P1,000 a night for 4 persons.


Before being a coal mine, the site used to be a grazing area for the carabaos (water buffalos) of the Caminero family. However, in the 1950s, coal was discovered in the area and adjoining sites and farmers started mining. Tunnels were built underneath for the purpose and which now still exist right under the resort. Thus, the name “Coal Mountain” given by the family.

How to Get There

Transport services from Cebu City or the Argao town center are available. Going on your own with your private vehicle is possible, though risky, because of the lack of directional road signs and poor road conditions. The resort is about 23 kilometers from Argao, often taking some 30 minutes or an hour to trek. BOOK HERE!

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