Conquer the Skies and Seas This Summer in Argao with Private Heli, Jet Ski Rides

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Ever dream of taking a helicopter ride, splashing with the summer sea on a jet ski?
Well, your dreams are about to come true since you can now go on a private ride on a helicopter, gyrocopter, sea plane, and jet ski.

Facebook user Jennica Almirante Espinosa promoted these private rides that are based in Argao in southern Cebu, about 2 hours away from Cebu City.

The 15-minute ride on any of the modes of transportation will take you from Casay, Dalaguete and will tour you over Simala and the rest of Argao before taking you back to Casay. You can expect a great view of the towns’ well-loved Simala Shrine, mountains, and coast.

According to Espinosa, the rides are available only on Saturdays and Sundays, although you can arrange for a ride during your preferred schedule with a special request.

For P2,000 per person, you can enjoy 15 minutes on a gyrocopter. It can only accommodate the pilot and you, the lone passenger. If you are ready to fly the skies solo, this is perfect for you.

For P3,800, you can take a helicopter ride with one to three other passengers. This is perfect for rides with your friends or family and there is even a promise of complimentary snacks. How would you feel snacking up in the skies while taking in the view of Argao below you?

If you want some, as they say, “vitamin sea,” you can get out there on a sea plane for P2,500. You can enjoy the ride solo as you take off from and land on the sea. Why not take the ride before enjoying a dip in southern Cebu?
If you are feeling way more adventurous, you can rent a jet ski for P700 per person and ride it with your partner or a buddy.

Tick off some of your dream things to do in your bucket list this summer and definitely make it a summer to remember with a heli, gyrocopter, jet ski or sea plane ride.

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