Craving Strawberries? Visit Dalaguete’s Farm for Fresh Strawberries and More

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Are you crazy about anything strawberry? You don’t have to wait to save up for Baguio before getting your strawberry fix. You can simply take a bus to southern Cebu and visit Sergio’s farm for its fresh strawberries and vegetables.

Been wanting to experience what it is like to pick strawberries? You can do that now at Sergio’s Farm in Maloray, Dalaguete Cebu.

Aside from the sweet strawberries and the harvest that you can take home to family and friends, the journey to Maloray is fun in itself. Expect the trip to take you through lush valleys and forest, Cebu’s rocky peaks, and eventually to the farm toiled by Cebuano farmers.

Farm visits are available from 8am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sunday only for an entrance fee of P50.

How to get there? Easy.

From Cebu City, go to the South Bus Terminal and take a bus to Dalaguete. The usual fare is around P100 or less, depending on whether you can get a discount or not. When you reach Dalaguete Proper, take a motorcycle for rent (habal-habal in local dialect) to Maloray or Kandungaw Peak for a fare of around P80 to P100.

If you want to visit the Mantalongon Public Market first from Dalaguete’s main highway, just take the concrete road straight to Maloray. Then, stop at Maloray Barangay Hall. Kandungaw Peak is already visible from there.
From the barangay hall, hike for several meters to reach the rice terraces, then take the concrete footpath to the valley, where the strawberry and vegetable farm is located.

Don’t suppress your strawberry cravings! Go out and have fun with what southern Cebu has to offer. Besides, taking a hike and breathing in fresh air would be a perfect way to de-stress this weekend.

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