Dohera Hotel Review

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Everything about Dohera Hotel seems airy, warm, modern, and generous. This is specially seen in the accommodating hotel staff, the immense lobby, the corridors to the guestrooms, and the guestrooms themselves. Even the mirrors in the rooms and bathrooms are wide. In the first place, the hotel façade seen from AC Cortez Avenue in Mandaue, Cebu is nothing short of enormous.

Dohera Hotel also seems adorned in an extravagance of huge glass panels which occupy most of its architectural designs, adding to its sophisticated and cosmopolitan character. This is seen on the façade, lobby, and the guestrooms.

Hotel Entrance

What to Enjoy at Dohera

Aside from the magnificent hotel building and lobby plus the spacious cozy rooms, guests marvel at the fine amenities of Dohera Hotel. They are mostly impressed by the Capiz Ballroom which is able to seat 150 people. Its regal elegance is suited for big formal meetings and banquets. The ballroom can be shared by two groups when divided into two function rooms. Aside from this, there is also the boardroom for smaller corporate meetings of 12 people.

The Toque Restaurant is warm and inviting, and made brighter and more spacious by the huge glass panels enclosing it. Both native and international cuisines are served during breakfast, lunch and supper, and night time sees the classy eatery in full bright colors. Food dishes are arranged with fine culinary artistry, the kind crafted by world class chefs. Food service and gastronomic practices are nothing short of first-class.

The pool and gym are ideal for the figure conscious, designed specifically for classy workouts. The covered pool protects the bather from the harmful rays of late sunlight and the gym has wide mirrors and glass window panels for a sense of much wider space and bright sunlight conducive for working out a sweat.

Room Options

The 100 rooms offered come in different sizes and amenities: the Superior Regal (76 rooms in all) has two queen beds and an LCD TV. There is a hot and cold shower in the bathroom. Premiere Rooms (16 rooms in all) have a few posh furnishings plus two queen beds, hot and cold shower, and an LCD TV set. Deluxe Rooms (4 in rooms in all) offer the same amenities as Premiere Rooms do. Finally, there are the Presidential Suites (4 suites in all) which are really two-room affairs with a king-size bed for each. The master bedroom has the bathtub and hot and shower facilities. These suites have a small reception area with a center table and sofa set, kitchenette, dining area, microwave oven, and a fridge.

Other Features

Dohera Hotel is also near the airport, tourist spots, fast foods and malls. It is also near the San Miguel Corporation.

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