Duct Tapes as Fix Sighted On Cebu Pacific Plane? Are We Safe?

2015-01-06T06:52:21+08:00 January 6th, 2015Newsbreak

Recently, Hotels In Cebu received photos from a concerned passenger showing “duct tapes” on a Cebu Pacific aircraft. These caused a commotion on our vigilant minds knowing the fact that numerous aircraft tragedies have been reported the past year. Are passengers of Cebu Pacific Airline in grave jeopardy?

Cebu Pac Duct Tape

The person who shared this photo claimed to be a passenger of this plane.

Here are the photos shared to us.

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Cebu Pacific Duct Tape

“as seen with passengers and ground staff doing routine works”

Cebu Pac Duct Tape

A closer look at the fix.

So we did research on duct tapes being applied on airplanes and found out that there were no duct-tapes. And yet, let’s take a closer look.

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Cebu Pac Duct Tape 2

A more close-up shot…

There is no need to panic.

The tape we saw on the aircraft could be not an ordinary duct tape but rather a specialized tape manufactured specifically to make temporary patches on non-critical components on airplanes. It is called “speed tape” since it’s capable of sticking on fuselage or the wing at high speeds.

This tape is being used when a permanent repair is impossible as of the moment and the aircraft needs a quick fix. It is pressure-sensitive, aluminized, resistant to water as well as to flames and solvents, reflects heat and ultraviolet lights, and can contract and expand on different ranges of temperatures.

This same controversy trended years ago when an aircraft by Ryanair Airline was spotted with the same duct tape on its windscreen at London’s Stansted Airport.

Now, what if those in the photos were real duct tapes and not speed tapes? You might want to read this story about a plane attacked by a bear in Alaska and the pilot fixed it with duct tapes. He went home safely.

Also, if you are watching videos of Mythbusters in Discovery Channel, they have one episode tackling about planes with duct tapes. Myth busted, duct tape is safe.

We, here in Hotels-In-Cebu.com, reassure safety for our readers as we are also airline passengers. Seems like there is nothing to worry about those tapes patched on the aircraft. It’s normal for temporary fixes and does not pose any danger. However, if any of you see those same patches for some more days after the publication of this article, report it again to us and we’ll try to settle it down. As of now, perhaps we have to believe there’s nothing to worry about and it’s still safe flying with planes like this from Cebu Pacific?

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