Europa Mansionette Inn Review

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A taste of mansion living and more—all your urbane dreams and fancies can come true at Europa Mansionette Inn. The hotel façade alone hints at the grand accommodation, amenities, and service the hotel offers. However, the overall impression does not suggest the usual commercial hotel lodging but royal home accommodation.

Situated along M.L. Quezon Avenue in Cabancalan, Madaue City, Cebu, this inn offers 26 rooms typical of a small European manor. Feel the air of aristocracy in the room’s grand interior design with lavish and elaborate embellishment and furnishing characteristic of European high-class dwellings.

Suite Features

Europa Mansionette Inn features elegant rooms with hot and cold shower, cable TV, meticulous house keeping daily, and room service, among others. They come in Deluxe, Executive, and Family, all with posh interiors and furnishings nearly Victorian and mostly modern in character, especially the stylish beds. Elegant sheets cover beds and main pillows, with embroidered throw pillows for extras.


Europa Mansionette Inn has coffee shops, a bar, and restaurant to answer immediate food cravings, although the hotel vicinity is dotted with restaurant and refectory destinations in the adjacent commercial areas. Smoking areas have been allotted at the hotel for discreet treatment of both smoking and non-smoking guests. A function room is available for special occasions and a prayer chapel is even considered for brief spiritual retreats.
Treat yourself and your family to a European hotel experience while amid the romantic city of Cebu. This way, you get to feel Europe in the warmth of the queen city of the South.

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