An Idyllic Hill Dining Spot in Cebu’s ‘Little Tagaytay,’ Florentino’s in Balamban

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Cebu has been pegged as the empress metropolis of the south because of its huge diversity in terms of economy, infrastructure, culture and attractions. It’s not just a city of skyrocketing buildings and vast opportunities.  It is one of the most exemplary places to dwell and wander in wonder if you want a more laidback lifestyle. Cebu has captured the beats and dreams of many foreign hearts and gained an audience of appreciation from a multitude of globetrotters. And now, Cebuanos have freshly unearthed its latest magnificence – the Florentino’s in Balamban, dubbed as Cebu’s “Little Tagaytay.”

Florentino’s is a unique bistro perched on top of the hilly landscapes of the town. The scenic view paves the way to a divergent aura of vacationers, sightseers, backpackers, peer campers, and tourists. There’s nothing like eating a good meal with a magnificent view and nothing compares to the feeling of playing the spoon and fork with the delicacies while enjoying the spot on top of everything your eyes can seize.

The verdant haven is widely compared to the famous Tagaytay due to its captivating height, scenery of the rolling hills and lush vegetation, and its cool climate like the wintry breath of evert goddess in myths. It is a homely place where you can spend a great deal of your leisure time. The atmosphere is very cozy and friendly. The feeling of being among the mountains helps you relax and offers you the chance of escaping your everyday routine. This could also be your quick break from the stress at work, a silent escape from the fast-paced urban life.

Florentino’s allows guests to bring in food and drinks without a corkage fee for now. You canyou’re your baon in any of the countryside huts while chatting with your family, friends or colleagues. Just make sure to be a responsible guest and dispose of your trash properly.

Florentino’s place, a heaven lurking beneath the nippy clouds that is still under construction. Could we expect more of a wide range of entertainment options like live bands, plays, camp services, function rooms, exhilarating adventures, exotic rides, nature trailing and playgrounds for kids from Florentino’s soon? But one thing’s for sure, it can gratify your dire need for tranquility.

The dining spot is a place where nature can talk and the wind can whisper. A very rare and conducive place to contemplate, even for a few hours. Wrapping up an escapade, travelers always say that no one can deny that sunrises and sunsets are a thing of beauty.  They say that no two sunsets are ever the same. Whether it’s the colors, the clouds, or the scenery each one has something unique about it. Celebrate those differences by taking in as many sunrises and sunsets as you can at Florentino’s. Then, you will have a glimpse of how it is like to be on the top of the world.

The entrance fee to Florentino’s is P25 per person. It is open from 6 am to 7 pm all week long, but the ideal time for visit would be when the sun rises or is about to rise from 6 am to 7 am and when the sun is about to set from 4 pm to 6pm.

To get to Florentino’s, you can take a V-hire from Ayala Center Terminal to Balamban via Transcentral Highway and ask the driver to drop you off at Adventure Café for P120. Florentino’s is just across the café. It is just a 30- to 40-minute drive from JY Square.

For those who are planning on taking their cars to the dining spot, parking space is available. Just type in “Adventure Café” on Google Maps or Waze to help you locate Florentino’s.

For a peek at what Florentino’s can offer, here’s the viral post about the place by Keisha Impas.

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