Get to Know Cebu’s Newest Attraction – 10000 Roses 

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Have you seen photos of white roses on your social media feed lately? Well, that’s how warmly the new attraction of 10000 Roses Cafe was received by the Cebuanos during its soft opening on February 5.

So, what do we know about the café littered with thousands of artificial, LED-lit roses?


It is located near the Cordova Tourism Center in Day-as Cordova and the Lantaw Floating Restaurant. It’s a good 30-minute drive from the first Mactan bridge. However, netizens have attested to just how much traffic the newest tourist destination has caused that the drive to the café may likely take more than just half an hour.

What to Expect

The 10000 Roses Café itself is just two-storey concrete structure that accommodate patrons with its air-conditioned indoor and al-fresco dining areas. If you want to get a better view of the ocean, mainland Cebu and the thousands of roses, just get up to the roof deck.

In a significant change of atmosphere, you can enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean while dining al-fresco at the café, so different from the stuffy feeling you might get in the middle of urban traffic. This makes it a great but quick getaway from the city life.

As for the roses, they are made of plastic and are about three feet tall. They make up a field of white roses at day time and transform into glowing blooms at night, thanks to LED lighting.

On February 12, an estimated crowd of 30,000 people visited the coffee shop.

Some young visitors even ruined around 500 flowers during that crowded visit as they got inside the flower area, said the owner, Miguel Cho. This could possibly be due to their desire to get the most Instagram-worthy photo out of the newly opened attraction.


Café Price and Other Fees

The items on the 10000 Roses Café menu are slightly pricier than those offered by other coffee shops. A cup of coffee is priced starting at P110 while a soda costs P60. Food items cost P220 to P450.



Since they are still in their soft opening, the café will likely add more items to their menu. Their grand opening is set on March 14.

The café owner’s meeting with the municipality of Day-as on February 13 and both parties agreed to charge an entrance fee of P20 as a part of the public-private partnership contract.

Cordova Tourism Officer Guinever Jumao-as Flores said they are going to impose the environmental fee to protect Mother Nature after they saw garbage in the water close to the coffee shop.

Visitors are required to pay the fee at the Municipal Tourism Office at the Municipal Hall before they can enter the café.

How to Get There

The coffee shop can be reached through various means. You can take the PUJ from Lapu-lapu City to Cordova proper. From there, you can get on a tricycle, trisikad or motorcycle more known as habal-habal) to get to the cafe.

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