Haruhay Dream Resort Hotel Review

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Naturally Cebuano. That’s the impression guests at Haruhay Dream Resort Hotel get upon touching ground on its spacious premises. It has a tennis court, swimming pool, airy restaurant, and green garden, to name a few striking features of the hotel for an appetizer.

Located in Marigondon Beach in Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan, Cebu, Haruhay Dream Resort Hotel feels just like home. And that’s the best dream to have; making the best of Cebu your home. It’s the ambience of hotel lodging and home living combined.


Rooms at Haruhay Dream Resort Hotel are air-conditioned and kept tidy for total comfort. After all, “Haruhay” means to relax and chill out. Each room has a TV set and a fridge with free Wi-Fi connection. Guests have two room options to choose from: the Standard and the Deluxe Rooms. Both are housed in bungalow like lodging units, with the usual room designs found in posh bungalow models, but with the atmosphere and service of classy hotels.

Hotel Amenities

Aside from the tennis court, the roomy swimming pool that feels like a beach, and the airy native design restaurant earlier mentioned, Haruhay Dream Resort Hotel can afford guests with extra attraction and touring activities found near the resort hotel. For instance, guests can enjoy island hopping, diving, and snorkeling. Haruhay Dream Resort Hotel can easily arrange these activities with its connections. Visits to nearby Olango Island and the Bird sanctuary are all possible and can be quickly arranged for guests.

Diving lessons are also possible, as well as sailing, zip line adventure, scooter cruising around Mactan and Cebu Island, and more. Massaging service can be requested at the pool to soothe your tired body after all the adventures.

The Haruhay Dream Resort Hotel restaurant serves central European cuisines, among others, and sweet delicacies from Austria.

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