6 Hotels in Cebu with Rooftop Swimming Pools

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Who doesn’t love to swim? But you will enjoy it better if you do a few laps in a hotel’s rooftop swimming pool since you can take in the view a few storeys below you. And doesn’t it feel luxurious to lounge by the side of the pool, cocktail in hand while enjoying the scenic view and the blue skies, usually without any obstruction.
It also feels more private if you swim on the rooftop, unlike with pools on the ground. You can fully relax without worrying much about being ogled, all while you’re the one doing the ogling of the view below you.
For parents who want to give their kids a break in the water without traveling to another destination, having a pool in the same hotel would be more convenient for them.

1. Cityscape Hotel


Cityscape Hotel’s rooftop pool offers guests unobstructed view of Cebu City’s skyline and the beautiful outline of the city’s mountain ranges in the distance. At twilight, lounging by infinity the pool at the hotel’s 17th floor will give guests a great vantage point of the city lights coming into life. You can also hold a party by the pool with catered food. BOOK HERE!

2. Best Western Plus Lex Cebu Hotel

Sky Waterpark Cebu

Image: bestwesternlex.com

After a long day of work, or travel all over Cebu, a relaxing dip at Best Western Plus Lex Cebu Hotel’s infinity pool would be the perfect way to end the night. The rippling water combined with ambient lighting and slow jazz music make the pool even more inviting. It is a great place to just lounge and relax with family, friends or colleagues. You can even ask your breakfast to be served by the pool. Won’t that be a great way to start your day? The pool is open to the public from morning until 5 pm. BOOK HERE!

3. Wellcome Hotel

Sky Waterpark Cebu

Image: Wellcome Hotel FB

The rooftop pool of Wellcome Hotel is a small swimming pool, or what can be basically considered as a plunge pool or urban wading pool. It is ideal for those who just want to sit and relax in the water while taking the magnificent view of the city. If you love taking laps, this might not be the pool for you. The pool is only available for in-house guests with reservation for pool use. Situated beside the pool is the hotel’s board room, so why not seriously consider taking a dip after a long and serious meeting or conference? BOOK HERE!

4. Cebu Grand Hotel

Sky Waterpark Cebu

Image: cebugrandhotel.com

Cebu Grand Hotel treats its guests to an outdoor swimming pool at the rooftop, allowing guests to bask lazily in the sun while looking at other city structures and the greeneries scattered all over the urban landscape. It is one more addition to the hotel’s recreational facilities, along with the fitness gym. If you’re done sweating it out at the gym, let the rest of your muscles work by taking a dip in the pool. Families with kids will surely love it. BOOK HERE!

5. Bellavista Hotel Mactan


Lounging at the Bellavista Hotel Mactan’s rooftop pool would mean seeing both the Mactan Channel and mainland Cebu. If you just came in from the airport that is only a kilometer away, you can refresh yourself by doing a few laps at the pool. BOOK HERE!

6. Mango Park Hotel


Mango Park Hotel’s pool at the roof deck is 12 square meters and five-foot deep. Guests can also rest on the lounging chair shielded by an umbrella. The pool is open daily until 10 in the evening. BOOK HERE!

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