IC3 Cebu: Largest Trade and Convention Center in Visayas and Mindanao

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The IEC Convention Center of Cebu (also known as IC3, the former IEC Pavilion) is said to be the biggest trade and convention center in the regions of the Visayas and Mindanao, boasting of at least 10,000 to probably 15,000 seating capacity.

IC3 was opened to the public last year on December 15, along with other nearby establishments forming the 23 Minore Park inauguration. And sometime in the first quarter of 2017, the Landers Superstore will be opening to complete the facility. The park features a membership store which has a gasoline station.

IC3 also served as the venue for the recently concluded International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) last month. The facility includes a central park with its landscaped gardens, a hotel to answer the accommodation needs of the convention center, an outdoor chapel and miscellany reminders of the St. John XXIII Minor Seminary.  Observers note that this development will certainly make Cebu a more attractive tourist destination center.

IC3 is seen to enhance Cebu’s historical appeal because it is where St. John XXIII Minor Seminary was formerly located. This institution stood as a witness to the Cebuanos’ (and also the pilgrims’) faithfulness and fervor for the Catholic faith in the 51st IEC.

However, IC3 stands out as unique over other developments in the city of Cebu because its developers claimed it wouldn’t add to the worsening traffic problem in the metropolis. In fact, Lydwena Eco, IC3 project manager, disclosed that private roads found inside the 23 Minore Park compound will serve as alternative routes to decongest areas of Cardinal Rosales and Pope John Paul II Avenues in Mabolo soon.

Eco also said that since they handled IC3 management formally in October last year, they have been aiming to make it the best convention center in Cebu. As of January 21 this year, most of the major halls of IC3 have been booked for different events. However, Eco assured that the rentals are among the cheapest, in fact even cheaper than bigger venues, including the World Trade Center in Manila.

In all, IC3 boasts of three convention halls and a function hall. One hall has 3,000 seating capacity and costs P20,000 each hour. The biggest hall can seat 5,000 people and costs P25,000 an hour. Another hall that seats 2,000 people costs P15,000 an hour.

According to Archbishop Jose Palma, Duros Group (the developer) will lease the property for 25 years. However, the Archdiocese will have control on what events are permitted at the place.

Eco, on the other hand, assured that the place will not be used for any untoward or immoral activities. They are aware that IC3 is respectably historical and its primary use is to hold religious events, like the IEC in 2016.

IC3, which is a 20,000 square meter area, is now a full-fledged convention center, serving big religious functions first and foremost, trade exhibits, concerts, conferences and conventions.

The 23 Minore Park Hotel will break ground sometime in the second quarter of the year.

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