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Like the legendary Phoenix bird, JPark Island Resort and Waterpark (JPIRW) in Cebu rose from the ashes of Imperial Waterpark Resort and Spa, so to speak, to start fresh a better version. In June 1, 2014 this transformation started. In fact, JPIRW is about to further transform. Senior resort marketing and sales manager Angela Emphasis hinted at a coming grand expansion in these words: “The change in brand is due to (the company’s) impending growth.” BOOK HERE!

Expansion Beyond Cebu

The imminent growth is also envisioned beyond Cebu. “We are building more water parks in other parts of the country,” Emphasis disclosed, “and some of them may be without (hotels).” She added that the company is venturing to cater to new audiences.

Moreover, renaming the resort is actually a move to reconcile existing and forthcoming Philippine BXT Corp. products and services using one brand, Reno Bacolod explained. He is director of external affairs for Philippine BXT, the resort proprietor and operator. The company is jointly owned by a Korean and Filipino nationals.

Emphasis also said that the term “Palace” in the old name tended to set a limit to any expansion ideas which didn’t coincide with their plans to set up facilities in other places. Bacolod added that their expansion is timely with the upbeat thrust in tourism in the country, which many say will be here for the long haul. Tourism is seen as among industries that would propel the country’s economy in the years to come.

Possible places being eyed for expansion are Palawan and Boracay. Bacolod hinted at a big project next year but didn’t give specifics as to where and when exactly.

Better Version

In what ways would JPark be better than its predecessor? Aside from offering better services, it will feature new innovations in hotel technology and special counters for prominent guests and independent travelers, to mention a few innovations.

Furthermore, better training for staff and “paperless transactions” will be among the highlights, Dorinda Lim explained. She is the resort office manager.

The new hotel is aimed at servicing tourists of diverse cultures, from locals to Koreans, to East and Southeast Asian countries, and even as far as the US, China, and Russia. According to Bacolod, the new name implies integrity and strength which reflect the quality of the product and the spirit of the owners. BOOK HERE!

Finally, why “JPark”? Both Yong Jun Park, the Korean owner, and the UY brothers, Cebuano businessmen, have first names starting with the letter “J,” Bacolod said.

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