Shejoje Poshtel Hostel: Japanese-Inspired Capsule Hotels in Cebu

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If you shrink a first class hotel room down to its bare essentials, and then fit all that into a narrow box-like room, what do you have? You have what they call a capsule hotel room, like those in “capsule hotels” that proliferate in Japan.

What’s a Capsule Hotel Room?

But you can have the same thing right in Cebu City. These are affordable and practicable accommodations that exactly fits a bed (and tall enough for you to sit upright on it), and where you find everything you need for a comfy place to relax and sleep while visiting Cebu. And for that matter, all you really need is a clean place, a beautiful and comfy bed, soft pillows, crisp bed sheets and blanket, and probably a small cabinet—exactly what Shejoje Poshtel Hostel in Cebu offers. But wait, there’s more.

Their growing number of patrons often marvel at how superb quality accommodation is offered at an affordable price by Shejoje Poshtel Hostel. The hotel service is often number one in their list of accolades (especially staff courteousness), overall cleanness, working and modern facilities, free wifi, peaceful ambience, good ventilation and strategic location.

Whose Idea Is It?

The idea hit business friends Sheila Ruiz and Ma. Evelyn “Joyce” Cervantes when they saw it in Japan during one of their travels abroad in 2015.

“The idea of Shejoje Poshtel Hostel was inspired from our travel in Japan last June 2015. We appreciated the capsule hostels in Japan as practical and affordable options for budget travelers,” says Ruiz.

They decided they had to do it in Cebu. So, with a pooled capital of P2 million, they opened Shejoje Poshtel Hostel on D. Jakosalem Street in Cebu City.

Ruiz said they had seen how the idea was feasible. “We thought that there is a wide and untapped market for trendy backpackers. Those who want a five-star like accommodation – clean and crisp sheets, thick and soft comfortable bed, clean toilet and bath, soft pillows, free wifi, free breakfast, friendly and caring staff – all these at a very affordable rate,” she said.

Presently, they have 2 deluxe capsules (for couples) and 16 single capsules available. All that fitted in a mere 80 square-meter area which is very unlikely for a hotel business. But more clients are liking the idea. In fact, just six months into this business and occupancy is often already at 80 percent, according to Ruiz.

“Cebu needs trendy, posh, Instagram-ready, cleaner, safer, and accessible guesthouses and dorm-type rooms. We offer that in our capsule hostel. We don’t want to shortchange our customers. We are committed to give them more than their money’s worth,” Ruiz said.

Other Features

Capsule hotels are pretty much like double beds, with each bed having its own room or box. If you occupy the upper box the one under is occupied by another. So you have a neighbor right under you. A short ladder helps you climb up your unit, just like in double beds.

There are other units right across the center corridor, so it’s like a community. Occupants enjoy good ventilation and a prevailing clean scent. There are also clean and classy communal and space-saver toilets and baths nearby.

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