JVR Island in the Sky: A Breezy Mountaintop Nirvana

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Island in the sky? Literally, one gets bewildered for there is no such piece of land afloat.  Metaphorically, there is such thing on earth and it’s nestled in the breezy mountains of Barangay Gaas, Balamban, the JVR Island in the Sky Resort.

The resort is owned by former Talisay City Mayor Johnny Delos Reyes. It can be traversed along the Transcentral Highway. Delos Reyes said he started to acquire the 15-hectare property and developed seven hectares of his property into the mountain resort that it is now. This lovely place is gifted with an exceptional natural beauty and landscape. It will make you speechless as you will seemingly feel like flying above the lush nature of the surrounding mountains and the cloud formation.

Image: Facebook/JVR Island in the Sky Resort

The resort is located a few kilometers away from Ayala Heights in Cebu City. Visitors can get there by riding a van-for-hire (V-hire) at the Ayala Terminal for an hour-long trip that will cost you P120.

One of the best things about the resort is its hanging bridge, which sways to and fro, making it more thrilling for you to simply walk on it to reach the other end.  You have to conquer your fear of heights to successfully cross the 500-meter-long colorful wooden bridge if you want to get to the resort.

Image: Facebook/JVR Island in the Sky Resort


Upon reaching the resort-entrance end of the hanging bridge, the visitors are greeted with colorful cottages, perfect for an overnight stay. The place will somewhat remind you of the famed cool climate of Baguio City. JVR Island in the Sky’s temperature can drop to around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, which is comparable to what you will feel if you open the refrigerator. It could get even colder when rain season starts.

Another resort highlight is the flying car, the cabled one. The cable-car ride gives visitors a good view of the coastal waters off Balamban. For P150 per person, one can head to a nearby hill.

Image: Facebook/JVR Island in the Sky Resort


Cable cars are famous across the globe as a basic commodity of transportation, but here in the Philippines, you will only find a few of them that are still operating. They offer a magical ride, not on a carpet, but on sturdy steel. Throughout the ride, you will enjoy the panoramic views of the Balamban mountains and the horizon. The taxi on wire can accommodate at most six persons at one time. This cable car ride takes about 20 minutes and allows the riders enough time to bask in the green, green surroundings.

JVR Island in the Sky also offers a zipline ride for just P40.

A swimming pool is also there for anyone who wants to take a chilly dip. Surely, the kiddos will surely love this part of the resort and it is quite cheap for only P50 per head. However, the pool is only available every Sunday.

Image: Facebook/JVR Island in the Sky Resor

Nature enthusiasts surely love the feeling of serenity as they are enveloped by the mountains surrounding the resort. To top it all off, JVR Island in the Sky is a land defying the pressure that often comes with city life.  Getting to the resort is a climb, but the view is definitely worth it. As said, the best view comes after the hardest climb. JVR Island in the Sky resort pays the effort you exert for the climb with its majestic wonder.

For those who are interested, the entrance fee for adults is P50 while it is only P25 for children. Cottages for day use are available for P350 per day.


Image: Facebook/JVR Island in the Sky Resort

Those who want an overnight stay can stay in the cottages good for two persons for P1,500 per night. There are also bigger cottages that can accommodate four persons for P2,500 per night; five persons for P4,500 per night; or eight persons for P3,500 per night.

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