Montebello Villa Hotel’s Cherry Blossoms Have Bloomed!

2017-10-17T13:53:47+08:00 March 11th, 2017Newsbreak, Where to Go

Cherry blossoms have come to Cebu City!

Been wanting to take a photo in front of cherry blossoms, or sakura, in Japan? You might not have to wait any longer to get your cherry blossom photos taken because Montebello Villa Hotel, the only garden hotel in Cebu, has proudly showed off their blooming Palawan Cherry Blossoms.

In a Facebook post, the hotel uploaded several photos of the impressive flowers. Guests can expect to be greeted by the beautiful scenery right at the entrance of the hotel.

Imagine how great the flowers would look on your Instagram account. Of the commenters on the post even suggested how the cherry blossoms would be a great background for a prenuptial shoot. It is indeed a grand idea!
Aside from the view offered by the cherry blossoms, guests can also enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks at the hotels’ La Terraza Restaurant.

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