Montebello Villa Hotel’s Glass House: A Transparent Beauty in the Garden Hotel

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The city’s first work of art that is made of glass, the Montebello Villa Hotel Glass House stands glaring at the lawn of the hotel. It is a one-story edifice created with a toast of fine art and purpose making the hotel’s surrounding landscape more alluring and captivating.

Known for its lush greenery, old-world charm, and warm and genuine Cebuano hospitality, Montebello Villa Hotel gives its guests more reasons to love their stay with its newest facility, the Glass House. This was made for special occasions like debut, weddings, anniversaries, intimate celebrations and other affairs of romantic genre. Adjacent to this structure is the hotel’s landmark the Bridge of Love giving those special occasions endless romantic vibe.

Alvarez-Borromeo Development Corp General Manager and President Luis Martin Alvarez welcomes guests to the opening of the Glass House. He said it was his dream to build a structure made of glass, something that was inspired by his ventures abroad. With the right supplier, his dream is now a reality, a structure that is perfect for the Philippines’ tropical region with its unpredictable weather. The facility can accommodate 150 guests. It would be a spectacular experience wandering inside as you can clearly see the beauty that lies in the landscape outside while being amazed by the glamour it brings inside.

Montebello Villa Hotel is in the middle of renovating its facility. Major renovations started with the upgraded premier wing, which houses two suites and 43 superior rooms. An in-house spa is also expected to be launched next year. The renovation plan is slated to continue for about 3 years, which includes making of new structures and amenities to upgrade its level of elegance. Additional rooms are also part of the renovation plan as well as a fitness facility to boost the hotel’s health and wellness activity.

There is a lot to expect from Montebello Villa Hotel as it never ceases to embrace competence and ingenuity. Alvarez-Borromeo Development Corp. is spending about P100 million-worth of investment to boost Cebu’s sole garden hotel’s facilities in its bid to keep up with the competitive hospitality industry. The Glass House is a unique work of art and this masterpiece will be the hotel’s new hotshot for guests.

Here are some official photos of the Glass House, as posted by Montebello Villa Hotel:

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