Northern Cebu Might Have A New Attraction Soon with Lhuillier’s Resort and Safari

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Pawnshop tycoon Michel J. Lhuillier is developing a resort in Northern Cebu, particularly in the towns of Sogod and Borbon, which are talked to be ready for opening this year.

When reports first surfaced about the Lhuillier properties in June 2015, the Cebuano tycoon was still looking for partners for the multi-million project, which would cover 2,000 hectares and may cost around P200 million.

Lhuillier told Cebu Daily News that he thought the resort would improve the tourism industry in Cebu and would complement his 100-hectare safari in Carmen, a nearby town also in the north.

This was what he said when he signed a partnership between M. Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. and Air You Go Travels Philippines. It was also in 2015 when he said that the safari resort he was developing then would be completed in two years. It will feature giraffes, lions, tigers, and camels, among others.

In fact, photos of what would be called the Cebu Safari surfaced online in November 2016, taken by Facebook user Tim Carla Ocampo.











The safari covers three barangays in Carmen town, including Sac-on, Lanipga and Corte. Its target opening is said to be this year after two years spent developing it.

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