PAL Issues Warning Against Fake Promo for Free Tickets to Boracay

2018-01-25T14:51:49+08:00 April 21st, 2017Newsbreak

Philippine Airlines gave an advisory about the hoax promo circulating on the Internet offering free tickets to Boracay. The Facebook page making such an offer was masquerading as PAL and was asking netizens to comment “Salamat Philippine Airlines” to get a free trip to the famed island destination.

Here’s PAL’s advisory:

“Philippine Airlines warns individuals engaged in false advertising or spreading misleading information that this is strictly prohibited.

This statement comes in the wake of a fake ad circulating on Facebook, stating that followers will get a free trip to Boracay if they like the post and write as comment “Salamat Philippine Airlines.” The material uses the PAL logo and a photo of Boracay island.

We have reported the false Facebook ad to the proper authorities for appropriate action.

The flag carrier does not condone deceptive acts that deliberately mislead consumers.”

PAL also clarified that PAL promotions and other announcements will only be made through the airline’s official website at www.philippineairlines.com, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@flyPAL), and in some print media platforms.

The airline company also warned the people behind the fake Boracay trip promo for committing “false advertising,” making them liable to pay for fines or go to prison.

A certain Leonides Peña posted a photo of what appeared to be a part of the fake Boracay promo that PAL warned the public about, complete with an “X” mark on the said photo and the same PAL advisory shown above.

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