Pine Tree Mountain Resort, Cebu’s Overlooking Nirvana

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Pine Tree Mountain Resort is a paradise nestled at the mountaintop of Gaas, Balamban. It is a newly opened hot spot that offers picturesque views of the verdant hills and mountains of the Cebu Province. It is an exclusive resort, where guests need to make reservations if they want to enter the resort and its amenities. It was intended to be a rest house for the owner and his family, but he later decided to share experience of natural breeze and bliss with guests.

Pine Tree Mountain Resort is a quick getaway from a busy urban life. Feeling burned out with the demands of your professional and personal lives? The resort is the perfect spot for you as it is a conducive place for relaxation and rejuvenation. It is an overall mixture of class, elegance, comfort and natural scenery, which is way different from traditional hotel experiences. The breathtaking view of the sun rising and setting among the abundant pine trees can server as the perfect sanctuary for every guest’s weary soul.

The resort opened last year but it has maintained its exclusivity by asking guests for reservations. You can book your appointment or make your inquiries by emailing their office at [email protected].

What to expect

Pine Tree Mountain Resort welcomes guests with its Mediterranean-themed facility, manicured lawn, parking area, and a wide playground with a swing. Its villa has 12 bedrooms in all, which makes the resort more than capable of accommodating a large group of guests.

The dining area is pleasingly graceful. It is a spacious, airy room with lots of sliding doors, where delectable foods are being served. If guests opted for an overnight stay, then they are required to make prior arrangement for their meals with the managing staff. On the other hand, those who only booked the resort for day use can readily eat their lunch.

There is also a game room where everyone can have fun and play around. Indoor games such as table football, table tennis, and air hockey, making the resort all the more perfect for group outings. Hey, even when the weather outside becomes less supportive of outdoor activities, you will never get bored while staying in.

Another thing that makes this mountaintop resort a luxurious treat is the fact that it has an infinity pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi, where guests can relax with a stunning view of the mountains and the sky. Imagine how romantic it would be to just stay in the Jacuzzi as the sky changes colors when the sun is about to rise or set. This is also a perfect for soothing sore muscles and other body aches as you soak in the Jacuzzi for hours.

You can totally take lots of Instagrammable photos just by dipping in the infinity pool with the mountains and the impressive sky in the background. Can you picture it already?


Image: istorya.net

All these prove that the Pine Tree Mountain Resort is a sanctuary that gives every guest an opportunity to witness the splendor of nature at its finest.

The resort rates are 6,000 per room but a minimum of 3 rooms should be reserved for a specific date for overnight use. You can reserve for 1 room and wait for other guests to book the other 2 rooms on the same day to reach the minimum required for a reservation.

Daytime use costs P1,500 per individual, but you still need at least 30 guests to book the resort with you. As long as there are 30 guests who booked the resort option on the same day as you, you can all use the resort’s facilities.

How to get to the resort

From JY Square at Lahug, Cebu drive up to Cebu Transcentral Highway for an hour-long ride. When you reach the “Welcome to Balamban” sign, Pine Tree Mountain Resort is just 1.5 kilometers from there.  You can spot it before the Adventure Café. Don’t worry. Its gate can be seen from the highway. It would be a hilly ride on a private car, taxi or motorcycle, but it will be worth it. To avoid problems entering the resort, make sure to coordinate with the caretaker who’ll open the gate for you.

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