Popular Domestic and International Flights to Cebu

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To help travelers to Cebu with their itinerary, there are non stop flights daily promoted by different popular airlines, originating from certain points in the Philippines and other Asian countries. This helps promote the Queen City of the South and further increase tourist visits to it. So, if you’re pondering on what particular flight or airline to take to Cebu from various parts of the archipelago, here are some tips.


PAL helps you get to Cebu City on a daily basis from various points of origin. For instance, from Manila to Cebu City, PAL has at least 11 flights daily [even Saturdays and Sundays], the earliest being 5 am and the latest 10 pm. From Tacloban City to Cebu City, it offers one flight a day. The earliest flight available is 6 am and the latest 6 pm.

Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific has an aggressive flight schedule to Cebu. For instance, it has at least 14 flights a day to Cebu from Manila, and the earliest departure is 3:25 am and the latest is 11 pm. It has at least 3 flights daily from Tacloban to Cebu, the earliest being at 7:10 am and the latest at 3:40 pm.

With international flights, Cebu Pacific has one flight daily to Cebu from Hongkong . Its earliest flight is at 9:25 am and the latest at 9:25 pm. From Singapore, it flies to Cebu at least once daily except on Mondays. The earliest flight is at 12:20 am and the latest at 2:20 pm.

Other Airlines

Zest schedules 5 flights a day from Manila to Cebu. The earliest is timed at 3:55 am and the latest is at 7:30 pm. Visitors to Cebu can also opt to take an SE Asian from Manila to Cebu any day of the week with 4 flights available a day. The earliest is at 4:45 am and the latest flight is at 8:10 pm. Panafrican also offers daily flights with the same route, the earliest being at 9:55 am and the latest at 6:45 pm.

Other international flights to Cebu is possible with Cathay which offers one flight a day, the earliest at 8:45 am and the latest at 4:05 pm.

With daily flights to Cebu available everyday from popular airlines, planning a trip to this city regardless of what month in the year has never been easier. More flight options from trusted airlines means better trip planning and value for your money. And they are cheap, with as low as $35 to as high as $95 for round-trip tickets, or something like P770 to P2,090, one way. So make inquiries now and confirm flight schedules and prices from airline ticketing offices or outlets.

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