Russian Filmmaker Shows Off the Beauty of Cebu in His Impressive Shots

2018-01-25T14:51:50+08:00 April 7th, 2017Newsbreak

His Instagram feed is envy-inducing and some of Cebu’s tourist spots are featured in it!
Russian filmmaker, vlogger, photographer, and Instagrammer Alexander Tikhomirov showed off some amazing shots of him and his family while vacationing in Cebu to his 407,000 followers.

Just look at this wonderful shot of his family in Aguinid Falls in Samboan in the southern part of Cebu.

Awww… Here’s another picture-perfect shot of the family in Fantasy Lodge Cebu, still in Samboan.

Of course, Tarzan Alexander would show off just how perfect he is for his Jane in Binalayan Falls.

And his showing off his daredevil skills here, still in Binalayan Falls, while his family looks on.

Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu looked fantastic as this couple’s background. As per Alexander’s post, they have been dreaming about getting to the falls since last year!

They didn’t forget to include Tumalog Falls in Oslob in what seemed like their tour of various waterfalls in Cebu.

Alexander is totally enjoying Cebu as he slides off the highest waterfall in Samboan, Dau Falls.

Do you feel the sudden itch to start backpacking all over southern Cebu now and explore these very same waterfalls too? It’ll be the perfect start to filling your social media feed with great summer photos!

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