Gaiety in the Sky at SM Seaside City Cebu Sky Park

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“We’ve got it all for you,” a powerful memorable tag line used by SM malls all over the country to convince people to come and visit.  SM Seaside City Cebu does have a lot to offer for everyone – from its varied boutiques, service centers, shopping malls, different dining setups, dry goods, groceries, children’s stuffs and the store’s limelight, the Sky Park. It is a whimsical setup located on the third level of the mall at the Sky Hall Lobby of the Mountain Wing. The roof deck is gorgeously decorated with manicured landscapes, playgrounds, well-arranged plants, amphitheaters, and restaurants. A kiddo’s imagination could run wild in this awesome place.

The SM Seaside City Cebu’s Sky Park was built to help nurture children’s creative imagination through the simple joys that it can offer. This is place for the young and the young at heart. At Sky Park, there are a lot of awesome things to experience, including the following:

  1. Catch up with friends. The rooftop park is a suitable place for catching up with friends. It is a nice and spacious place to hang around with friends, where you will be treated to lots of green, from the grass on the ground to the plants all around, the picturesque view of the sea and the mountains, and the playful colors of the sky, especially if you come in at around sunset. And you’ll be reminded of your childhood once again and feel young just by watching the kids playing and having fun while enjoying the park’s amenities, such as the Sky Play or the Water Play.
  2. Go on a date. Live entertainment is on the go at Sky Park. You can set up a date with your significant other at the park while listening to the jam sessions. There are scheduled music sessions for a specific day: Jazz tune on Mondays, karaoke hits on Tuesdays, acoustic hits on Wednesdays, Visayan pop on Thursdays, literary festival on Fridays, plus outdoor cinema on the weekends. You’d totally have lots of romantic moments together if you combine music while looking at the sky, where you can clearly see the moon and the stars. And everything is for free.
  3. Hold a picnic with family, friends, and colleagues. Bringing in food for an outdoor meal is allowed at the Sky Park. However, you should follow the rule of clean as you go. Everyone should be responsible enough to maintain the spick and span of the park. Or you can always buy at the grocery store and bring them to the park. The awesome breeze from the sea coupled with the warmth of the daylight can create a perfect picnic day out at the Sky Park for every family.
  4. Meditate. Contemplating is suitable at the park. It’s not all the time that the park is packed with visitors, hence, it can be as serene as you need it to be for some meditation. It is a perfect place to think deeply or muse around. One’s focus for religious chanting is amenable. The overlooking park is quite accommodating for ease of the mind and spirit.
  5. Read and write under the daylight. If you are fond of reading in different places, Sky Park is one place to be. There are numerous, well-decorated benches scattered all over the park and you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and the plants for inspiration. You can read magazines or books you wish to bring. You can have some space to yourself for fun reading or writing while listening to the sound of the kids playing or the people strolling around in the background.
  6. Attend a concert or other activities. The Sky Park is also home to a 1500-seater Sky Hall for larger functions, such as concerts or seminars.
  7. Stage your photoshoot for your #OOTD. This beautifully designed park is a sight to behold so it is perfect for capturing photos of your outfit of the day. From its design to its natural background and lighting, the Sky Park is an ideal location for photo shoots. It is Instagram- and Facebook-worthy.
  8. Dine in the sky. What would it be like having a sumptuous dinner at the top of everything?  You’d know the feeling when you dine at any of the restaurants at the Sky Park.  You can watch the calming view of the seaside and the contrasting lights of the city at night. There are a variety of restaurants at the Sky Park one can choose from, from Thai food and Mexican food to Chinese food, Filipino food, desserts, and many more.
  9. Let your kids be kids. They will surely love the Water Play, a children’s park with interactive water features, where they can splash around in their swimming attire. This is perfect for Cebu’s hot weather. There is also the Sky Play, which is a playground with a twist like see-saws and swings, designed by famed Cebu-based furniture designer, Kenneth Cobonpue. Your kids’ imagination might just go wild in this part of the Sky Park they go all out in their outdoor play. The kids can also enjoy the Fun and Play setup, where they can play on the slides and obstacle courses. It is all in the sky, as they say. Bring your kiddos here and let them play.
SM Seaside City Cebu Sky Park

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  1. Listen to live bands. Sky Park has three amphitheaters, where everyone can watch and listen to live bands.

You can now make Sky Park one of your go-to destinations if your family needs time to get away from the usual pressure of school and work. You don’t even need to go far since the SM Seaside City Cebu is well within reach from the city.

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