8 Exciting and Merry Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Cebu

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The most wonderful time of the year is in the air. You can hear the yuletide chants in every bend on the road. Time’s ticking, fast heading for the season of hope and love, Christmas. There is no other holiday of the year that is quite as sensational and magical as Christmas Day. This is the moment of the year where people are busy preparing presents to their dear ones. A large degree of euphoria is felt for all people everywhere.

In Cebu, there are so many ways to celebrate the yuletide season, such as the following:

  1. Enjoy the view of the gigantic Christmas Tree at Fuente Osmeña Circle.

Fuente Osmeña Circle has been a place to be during the stretch of the holiday season. The streets are richly decorated with Christmas lights and decors that seem to scream and over-emphasize that Christmas is really here. One of the holiday activities that people look forward to is the giant Christmas Tree, which stands 125 feet tall. This is an iconic structure signifying the start of the yuletide season. It is nestled within the rotunda, where benches are scattered and a beautiful fountain is in the middle of the Circle. It is an awesome place to visit and take photos. There are various activities at night beside the iconic structure to keep the people entertained, although the Cebu City government has decided to move the Pasko sa Sugbo nightly celebrations to the Plaza Independencia.

  1. Experience the Symphony of Lights at the Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu.

During the holiday season, Ayala Center Cebu showcases its holiday celebration through the extremely impressive glare of lights that run intermittently from 6 to 10 p.m. The display is in accord to some of your favorite songs. This is a wonderful attraction to see while dining at several restaurants on the terraces of Ayala Center. This activity is a welcome tradition for the mallgoers to bask in the season.

  1. Wander at Colon Street night market.

During the Christmas season, Colon Street is on its festive mood for the Cebuanos and tourists alike. There are a lot of things that can entice your eyes along the old, busy street. The night market is relative for people on a tight holiday budget as it sells a wide variety of affordable stuff, from clothes, and accessories to food. The hours of walking around the market to find the things that you like or plan to give to your loved ones, friends and colleagues would be totally worth it.

  1. Try ice skating at the biggest shopping mall in Vis-Min.

Ice skating is a recreational hobby that gets more attractive and appropriate during the holiday season. SM Seaside City Cebu is home to one of the coolest skating rinks in the country. It feels like you are out of the country, what with the ice and the cold climate around you. Somehow, people tend to relate Christmas to cold weather, which makes ice skating a must-try during the season. Skating is definitely more fun when you share the rink with your love ones.

  1. Visit the newly opened digital playground at the mall.

Robinsons Galleria is a Cebuano-owned mall, which happily serves the community and is slowly establishing itself for bringing new brands to the city. What makes the mall unique is its green spaces and pocket gardens. It is also trying to create a welcoming atmosphere to families, especially those with young kids, what with the opening of known restaurants and just recently, its new digital playground, the PlayLab.

  1. Relax at Plaza Independencia.

Plaza Independencia is a simple park situated near the city port. It is a cool, pleasant hangout, thanks to the trees and their generous shade. It becomes a popular dating place during the holiday season, when it is decked in Christmas parols and lights. This gives the place a holiday feel as well as paints the park a romantic scene for everyone. It is open to the public from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays and 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. during the weekends. Adjacent to the park is the historic Fort San Pedro. The Pasko sa Sugbo will be held at Plaza this coming December so everyone can expect this place to be full of glee and wonder.

  1. Listen to jeepney rappers caroling around the city.

Caroling has been a Filipino tradition. In Cebu, caroling is even found on the streets. Jeepney rappers, as called, are highly present during the holiday season. They board public utility jeepneys and render Christmas songs to commuters. The caroling further reinforces the feeling that Christmas is in the air.

  1. Eat your heart out at Sugbo Mercado.

If you’re looking for new food that you can experiment with, this is the perfect spot for you this Christmas. You can spend some of your Christmas bonus on mouth-watering food and thirst-quenching drinks at the Sugbo Mercado in IT Park, from lechon and Korean bento to torched chicken and ramen. Find a table, listen to the band or some good music, and watch the people enjoy their food and beverage or mill around. The food market is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and recently, on Sundays as well.

Indeed, Cebu is one glorious place to celebrate the Christmas season in. You can be assured of a grand fun and merriment as the city is an advocate of the Christmas spirit and endless bliss. That’s how majestic Cebu City is.

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