A Traveler’s Edge on the Beautiful Glimpses of Cebu South

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Argao, Man-Made Riverstone Castle was Built

Going further south from the home of the shrine is another interesting town to drop by. It is Argao, an emergent fishing and farming town to a promising traveler’s haven. It is one of the riveting towns to visit. The breeze is fresh the wind is cold. Everyone loves this place. The town is also home to ancestral homes and remnants of the American-Spanish era which are well-preserved. It has its own old churches too about centuries old. Completing the town’s pride and affluence is the man-made Riverstone Castle built entirely from the stones found in the nearby river.


The castle is dubbed as the only real fortress standing the lands of the province whose architectural blueprint is patterned after European castles in the medieval period. The entrance fee is affordable. Inside the royal fortress are swimming pool, a bar, eatery and a wee zoo for children amusement. You can smell the kingly and queenly atmosphere once you are in.

A two-hour bus ride from the Queen City south terminal brings visitors to the town. You may opt for air-conditioned or ordinary buses. Vehicles for hire or v-hire as most people call it, also bound for Argao, are also within the terminal premises. Argao has its own native delicacy, Torta which is a flour cake with egg which is so sweet and soft. It is nearly everywhere the town or you can buy some from the vendors hopping in the buses.

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