Look! Lhuillier’s Cebu Safari Is Open for Group Reservation

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Have you been waiting long for Cebuano pawnshop tycoon Michel Lhuillier’s safari in northern Cebu?

Then, you will surely rejoice over the fact that the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is now open for group reservation this January 20 and 21. For P800 per guest, you can enjoy a buffet lunch and a tour around the safari. It is free for children below two feet tall and 50 percent off for children who are two to three feet tall.

The safari’s group preview scheduled on January 13 and 14 is already booked, according to the park’s official Facebook page.

A map is also provided for the future safari adventurers, showing its facilities, which include a restaurant, gift shop, refreshments area, local delicacy shop, boardwalk, restroom, parking area, and even a swimming pool.

The significant spots in the safari, as marked in the map, include the Basecamp, where the food court is located and Michel’s Garden, named after the owner and where various orchids and the café can be found. There is also the Orangutown, Tiger Turf, Safari Outpost, Safari Stadium, Macaw Aviary, Aviary Dome, African Savanna, and a Canopy Trail.

Here are some photos taken by Dexter Kwan Lim of the safari:

Based on the safari administration’s answers to their guests’ FAQs, the safari is not yet open to the public, but they said that they will likely be open before summer vacation. For now, they only accept group reservation, no walk-ins. They also emphasized that the P800 per pax fee for the group preview is not the final entrance fee. Further announcements will be made through the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Facebook page.

The group preview was intended to gather the early guests’ suggestions for the safari’s improvement.

Lhuillier’s safari is located in the upland area in the town of Carmen in northern Cebu. It is a 100-hectare zoo that will feature wild animals rarely seen in the country, such as zebras, white tigers, buffalos, horses, vultures, giraffes, flamingos, and more.

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