Lhuillier’s Safari to Open By Last Quarter of 2017

2017-10-17T13:53:45+08:00 March 11th, 2017Featured, Where to Go

Cebuano pawnshop tycoon Michel Lhuillier announced on March 9 that he has set his eyes on opening his 100-hectare safari in Carmen, northern part of Cebu, in the last quarter of this year.

He made the announcement to correct reports online claiming his safari is set to welcome visitors this summer.
“I never said (we will open by) April. I’d like to correct that. We are aiming to open by October or November this year. Please be patient, as we are doing our best to make this attraction the best,” Lhuillier told the local media.

He said his safari is going to offer animal interactions, eight adventure rides, shows, and an accommodation facility. Visitors will also enjoy animal feeding during shows, adding that four Singapore-based trainers were brought in to train some of their animals.

Animals are set to be brought in to Cebu from Texas, Dubai and France this month, completing about 70 percent of the planned animal population in the safari. Visitors can also expect to see the Lhuilliers’ collection of flowers and orchids, as well as 60 species of birds.

Visitors may have to pay a P550 entrance fee.

Cebu Province’s tourism consultant, Patria Aurora “Dawnie” Roa, described the safari as a “grand tourism product” that is set to bring in eco-tourists to Cebu as the safari’s activities will be more about the “communion with nature.”

To make his safari more accessible to visitors, Lhuilier said that he is also making transportation arrangements.
For now, catch a glimpse of what the safari has to offer here.

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