A Traveler’s Edge on the Beautiful Glimpses of Cebu South

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Alegria, uncover Mainit Spring

Another attraction to uncover is the Mainit spring of Alegria.

Mainit Springs

The town folks consider this as a therapeutic pool, where body pains and spasms get soothed. A 3-minute ride from the highway, this hot spot is being developed for outdoor enthusiasts by the local government. Get ready for this aquatic relief. So natural and satisfactory. Dip in now.

Batong Malunhaw

There is also a beautiful resort in Sangi, Alegria, Cebu, the Batong Malunhaw Resort (green stone).

Also a perfect place to rest and relax with your family, a weekend spree or vacation. The place is decorated with green plants and trees and also harboring a thick marine life well-preserved and managed by the LGU of the town.

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