A Traveler’s Edge on the Beautiful Glimpses of Cebu South

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Malabuyoc, boast Bamboo-made Native Resort

The next developing town to beat is Malabuyoc, situated on the southwest coast of Cebu.

Kawayan Marine Water Resort

Proud of their unique and stunning resort, the Kawayan Marine Water Resort.

What makes it unique is the use of native bamboos deeply instilled into the water for their cottages. It is a getaway also for a busy life. The cool breeze to a beautiful sunset. You can go kayaking and snorkeling in the resort’s protected marine sanctuary and discover colorful fishes and corals. An all-out adventure is here coupled with its sumptuous serving. A book read while lying on the bamboo couch makes it more fascinating and enjoying.

[button link=”https://hotels-in-cebu.com/beautiful-glimpses-of-cebu-south/15/” type=”icon” icon=”refresh”] #14 Alegria, uncover Mainit Spring[/button][button link=”https://hotels-in-cebu.com/beautiful-glimpses-of-cebu-south/17/” type=”icon” icon=”refresh”] #16 Ginatilan, jump on Inambakan Falls[/button]
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