A Traveler’s Edge on the Beautiful Glimpses of Cebu South

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Samboan, chase with Aguinid Falls

The town of Samboan showcases its pride too. The Aguinid Falls.

The Aguinid Falls

Located in a small Barangay called Tangbo. Getting you there is a trek of 3 minutes. It is easily located due to its proximity to the town. What a beautiful natural masterpiece. Fresh water from the tops of mountains running into it constantly. The spot is for free. Come and take your time.

Then we have the town landmark Jacob’s Ladder and the Ancient Watchtower.

Another Spanish structure made of blocks of coral stones. The tower is used as an overseer. Connecting the beach to the tower is the Jacob’s ladder with 147 flights of stone stairs in it. Reaching the tower, you can easily see the Tañon Strait. Breathtaking it is once your reach the top.

Yet the best of Ginatilan is its beautiful sunset, but you have to wait for the twilight time and more pleasurable it is when you are at the tower witnessing its setting

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