A Traveler’s Edge on the Beautiful Glimpses of Cebu South

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Santander, sea is Golden Treasure

Moving on the southern tip of this humble province of Cebu is the beaming town of Santander.

It is the place where the sea is its golden treasure. A hub for some of the world renowned dive spots and pristine beaches. A splendid spot to visit is the Eden Resort.


Eden Resort is your luxurious refuge in the southernmost part of the province of Cebu.

The resort offers lots of adventure activities like mountain biking, off-road motorcycling, ocean kayak and scuba diving. The place is simply gorgeous and fulfilling. Offers you a spectacular view of the hydrosphere and a stare of the Negros Island. All is well from this distal paradise. Don’t miss to touch its wonder.

Life is good and alluring. What makes it good and pleasing is what you seek for it. Travel is one mode. Be enriched and fulfilled with these majestic treasures that are plausible only when your eyes can touch them. To fulfill is to traverse and realize the pleasures that you desire. Your sojourn in the South enlivening and memorable. Make your own journey and never miss to capture every single moment of your blissful encounter. Stay tuned as we look for the best places in the North for our next feature story, but for the meantime, head over south and, Suroy na!

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