Choi City Seafood Restaurant Latest Food Trends You’ve got to Try

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The pioneer provincial branch of the Choi chain of restaurants is the classy, warm and festive restaurant of Choi City. When we tackle about authenticity of Chinese cuisine elegance, quality, freshness and newbie savor, Choi City Seafood Restaurant continues to bring the best of its cuisine for you whose blueprint of aftertaste is akin to the finest Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong.

Choi City distinguishes itself from other Chinese restos as being the only authentic Cantonese-Chinese Restaurant in Cebu! This is a remarkable feat well-deserved for the restaurateur of Choi City Restaurant and its constituents. What astonish the populace are their perpetual surprises of must-try dishes that are new to the eyes and the buds. The public is truly appeased through curiosity and satiated with a taste shot here as they have the best choices of live seafood, roastings, and dimsums. Customers are certain of their comebacks because Choi City’s delight, reasonable expenditure, the news of brand news in the menu, their usual Chinese-inspired palatable cuisines and the wholesome staff accommodation.

Let’s wrap up around and pay in particular to details they put into each dish that is overwhelmingly amazing and dubbed as “re-engineered dishes on the platter for you.” Choi’s new dishes on the menu sizzle every heart of the locality and visitors. Celebrate with your family, significant other, peers, and colleagues and sum up your savor at this fine Chinese-touched diner. Prepare to indulge in their recent dishes that are meticulously prepared and served.

Heard of the list? Well here are the latest:

Cold Cuts Combination

Choi City Cold Cuts Combination

●California Maki – Sushi roll made of Japanese rice, fresh slices of cucumber, mango, and crabstick with special seasoning ●Pata Ham – Pork thigh with special seasoning ●Beef Kenchi – Beef muscle with special soy sauce

Emperor Dumpling

●Emperor Dumpling – Fresh shrimps with minced golden mushroom and shredded bamboo shoots mixed with special seasoning

Cold cuts are precooked or cured meat, often sausages or meat loaves, that are sliced and usually served cold on sandwiches or on party trays. Cold cuts also may be known as lunch meats, luncheon meats, sandwich meats, cooked meats, sliced meats, cold meats, and deli meats. They can be combined with each other for unique flavor creations. Choi made them easy for you. A must-try combo.

Double Vegetarian Soup

Double Vegetarian Soup

Fresh polonchay and beancurd cooked with special seasoning

Choi City’s elegant liquid food generally served warm made with combining ingredients to come up for a perfect taste before a sumptuous dine. Their soup is unique exquisitely prepared from the mentioned ingredient. Doubly warm before your waited meal to be served.

Main Entree

Two Way Fried Rice

Two Way Fried Rice

Sauteed Squid Tentacles

● Sauteed Squid Tentacles – Sauteed fresh squid tentacles and bean sprouts with special seasoning

Braised Hong Kong Chicken in Hot Pot

● Braised Hong Kong Chicken in Hot Pot – Chicken and assorted fresh vegetables with special seasoning placed in hot pot

Pork Spareribs with Salt & Pepper

● Pork Spareribs with Salt & Pepper – Choice cut pork spareribs with garlic, chili, and special seasoning

Sizzling Lapu-Lapu - Live-cooked Lapu-Lapu

● Sizzling Lapu-Lapu – Live-cooked Lapu-Lapu with special sauce placed on a sizzling plate

These are some added dishes to the menu items. The more selections you get, the more exciting and impressive would it be. They have their selective and special seasoning for each dish that markedly distinguishes their aftertastes, of course inspired from a Hong Kong taste and relish. These new dishes widen your opts for an excellent and ideal meal. Here at Choi, “CHOIce” matters and you have it here unlimitedly.


Sweet Custard Pie

● Sweet Custard Pie – special custard wrapped in freshly-made dough topped with sesame seeds

Dessert is a typically sweet course that concludes after meal. The course usually consists of sweet foods, but may include other items. Try this Custard Pie, a perfect meal conclusion.

Guests endlessly get indulge to something they get satiated with and Choi City Seafood Restaurant deserves to fill in with its excellent cuisine, variety of foods, quality, ranging servings, and perfect accommodation. Choi City guarantees to meet your surprises and expectations because it birthed out with vision to work with pleasure of their guests and customers. Despite its success Choi City will always remain humble and at the service of their guests, always staying true to their motto, “We serve from our hearts!” That would be a lovely dine then. For sure!

Address: Banilad Town Centre, Cebu City
Telephone no: (+6332) 239-0999
Telefax no: (+6332) 239-0800
Website: https://choi-city.com

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