Scape Skydeck Lapu-Lapu Review, Dine on Top of Cebu Dining Bliss You Shouldn’t Miss

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Azon’s Residences’ Scape Skydeck in Lapu-Lapu City is a dining bliss you shouldn’t miss.

It’s one thing to simply visit Cebu and see its scenic spots, but quite another to “taste” Cebu in the city’s premier sky lounge restaurant chomping on sumptuous Cebuano gourmet dishes.

It’s a striking dining concept by Scape Skydeck, in fact, the latest idea in Cebu roof-deck fine-dining overlooking the city skyline and appreciating a huge patch of the city itself from a bird’s eye view.

Azon Scape Skydeck Bar

SkyDeck LapuLapu

Towering above Lapu-Lapu, Cebu

Scape Skydeck is easily spotted along ML Quezon Highway in Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu. Specifically, it’s on the 13th floor or Roof deck of the Azon Residence Condominium, a very strategic edifice easily reached from the Mactan Cebu International Airport. If one happens to be outside Mactan Island, Scape Skydeck is accessible from the Marcelo Fernan Bridge as it’s just right at the end of the bridge.


Diners can either opt for covered or open dining lounges, both offering a magnificent panoramic view of Cebu, the surrounding residences and the nearby Mactan channel activities at the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. They can feast their eyes on the breath-taking sights, including the landing and take-offs of planes flying in and out of Cebu, while feasting on Scape Skydeck’s delectable food dish selections.

Skydeck Dining


What’s on the Menu?

Classy cuisines will tickle the diner’s appetite, starting off with a good bowl of Pomodoro soup, for instance (or any from the list in the special soup menu), followed by an enticing round of, say, Asian chicken salad. Western palates can be appeased with fire-wood pizza options, like Margherita, Bianca, or Parma Ham and Rocket.


Diners who skip on rice can enjoy pasta replacements, like Aglio Oloio, Pasta Bolognese, or Truffle Carbonara. People with a discriminating taste for open-fire dishes can try the Grilled French-Cut Pork Chops or US Prime Beef Angus Rib Eye.

Also available are mouthwatering Chicken Quesadilla, Spinach and Cheese Dip and Beef Salpicao. Millennials can enjoy their unique preference for food and try the Nachos Carnitas,  Herb-Crusted Mozzarella, Garlic Parmesan Fries or the now-trending buffalo wings.


You can wash them all down with Scape Skydeck’s special beverage choices. Or, you may simply want to hangout and cool down with sips of a choice cocktail drink in innovative and classy long, tall glass tubes.

And yes, popular beer brands, brandy, or whisky are on the menu as well.

Plus Bonus Enjoyment

As if the dining ambiance and quality food dishes weren’t enough, Scape Skydeck capitalized on the golden sunset afforded by the resto’s unique vantage point.To enjoy this, simply dine there just before 6 pm to catch a glimpse of the dazzling sight.

To further enjoy it all, opt to dine at the Al Fresco area where the views of Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue and Cebu are more liberal and uninterrupted and diners get to enjoy both the cityscape and the sky.

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