F Cafe and Bar Launched At The Gallery

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There’s a new place in town to dine and unwind, it’s called F Cafe and Bar located at The Gallery in Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu. Along with the many food industries catering different styles of recipes, which stood at the strip mall, such as Burger Joint, Carnivore, Chop Chop Food Centre, La Bella Pizza Bistro, 30 Kitchen + Bar, Yu- Yu- Tei Japanese Restaurant, and Boosog Lasang Pinoy, F Cafe and Bar will bring you to places you’ve never been with its wide array of menus inspired from different countries around the world.

F Bldg

F Cafe and Bar is owned by the same person behind the Posh Salon beside it. His name is Francis Lee, who with his innate creative talent, designed the fabulous interior of the 50 square-meter restaurant that can accommodate 80 to 150 people. F Cafe and Bar’s interior exhibits a modern architecture that is both classy and elegant. With bottles of wine and liquors, ranging from luxurious to affordable, greeting you at the base counter, huge speakers with DJs playing 80s, 90s, and 2000 era music at the upper floor from 10 PM to midnight, to lightings designed by a company co-owned by Kenneth Cobonpue and an al fresco, the place makes it perfect for chill weekends or an evening dine and drink with friends.

The food do not disappoint either. They are just as good looking and delicious as the chef preparing them. Chef Jay Jonson, who also teaches at the nearby culinary school, captivated the taste every Western and Asian would love. Here are some of the dishes worth trying:

Grilled Piri-Piri Chicken

Grilled Piri Piri

Inspired from Portugal, served with a sizzling plate with F Cafe and Bar’s Piri-Piri sauce, you will be amazed at how the “lechon manok” was innovated for only P285.

F Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab

Served with Mediterranean Salad, Tzatziki, along with pita bread making the 2 skewers of grilled chicken breast more inviting, this meal is served for only P240.

F Beef Kebab

Beef Kebab

The beef version of Chicken Kebab is served with 2 skewers of flavorful cut of beef at P270.

Penne Arrabiata with Sausage and Mozzarella

Penne Arribiata

Penne Pasta is served with a spicy tomato sauce, Italian sausage and Garlic Bread. Taste its unique sweetness for only P240.

Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken Quessadilla

Flour tortillas with marinated chicken breast, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese inside. This Mexican-inspired dish will absolutely take you to Mexico at P260.

Shrimp pockets

Shrimp Pockets

If you like siomai, you will absolutely love this fried shrimp wonton plus sweet and sour dip made by F Cafe and Bar for only P145.

Sizzling Chops and Gravy

Chops and Gravy

Pork chops, garlic rice, buttered vegetables served in a sizzling plate and a gravy beside, the combination is perfectly mixed for only P265.

Smoked Pork Quesadillas

Pork Quesadilla

The pork version of Chicken Quesadillas with smoked pork shoulder sandwiched by flour tortillas will absolutely take you to Texas with its delicious twist of smoked meat.

Pizza Bruschetta

Pizza Broschetta

Like a pizza on a bread but with more salad, its unique blend of cheese, meat, and salad will elevate your appetite making you wanting for more. At P170, enjoy this French cuisine while you’re in Cebu.

Spicy Asian Pasta with Beef Sirloin

Asian Pasta w Beef Serloin

Stir-fried Egg Noodles with  vegetables, and beef sirloin cooked with a special Asian sauce and Sambal paste.  F’s version of Malaysian Mee Goreng at P245.

Asian Shrimp Salad

Asian Shrimp Salad

Lollo rosso lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and stir-fried shrimps garnished with crushed peanuts and fried noodles then drizzled with F Cafe’s own sesame dressing at P220.



Deep fried marinated squid served with a honey mustard aioli. An excellent appetizer or side dish at P220.

Mediterranean Salad

Mediterranean Salad

Arugula, lollo rosso, romaine lettuce, sundried tomatoes, candied walnuts, olives, goat cheese and parmigiano reggiano topped with crispy wheat tortilla and drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette at P280.

Soy Glazed Salmon Fillet

Salmon Fillet

185 grams of seared Salmon fillet coated with soy glaze accompanied with creamy truffled spinach and pan fried Lyonnaise potato. A combination of Asian flavor and French technique at P375.

Smoked Pork Belly

Smoked Pork Belly

Hickory slow cooked pork belly glazed with Tennessee whisky sauce. You can have it as an Appetizer (200 grams) at P200 or as a solo dish with sides at P180 for 100 grams or P220 for150 grams.

A world-class dining experience at an affordable price and accessible location is a true delight for both your pocket and stomach.

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