Maple Restaurant Review

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A premier all-day fine dining at the heart of the city where savory cuisine serves freshly to every patron of its kind. Maple Restaurant Cebu is a humble facility of modern dish and dining embellished with an intelligible atmosphere and cordial mood of the staff and workers. It is a casual diner in a worthy setting. The convenience is merely steps away from window shoppers or mall goers. Maple’s staff is so admirable from the knowledge and great service how they accommodate your needs and the general impression of this amazing bistro.

Maple Restaurant Interior

The ambiance is perfect and the interior beauty is mystified with a fairy-tale like lighting and wallpaper which credibly speaks of Maple theme as a whole. You can take all the dishes as you wish as the table servers periodically wanders to get your orders. The combination of quality, quantity, and a festive atmosphere adds flavor and essence to the delish foods they prepare.

Maple’s elegant facade.

Maple Restaurant Facade

Diners sink into comfortable beautifully upholstered chairs and banquettes at elegantly appointed tables adorned with stunning arrangement, color and sizes; and an impeccable service from a crew.

Comfy wooden sets.

Maple Restaurants Interior

Customers come to amaze the cozy furniture and a background melody to add the limelight of convenience during a sumptuous meal. Maple is quintessential for fellowships, family gatherings, day-outs, unwinding, holiday breaks and after-work chill outs with colleagues and superiors and business sessions and meetings. The restaurant is always elegantly decorated, diligently routinized.

Maple Restaurant Kid's Corner

Maple caters not only what every taste buds demand, but also glee time for kids. They have proportioned an area for children to have fun and craft wonderment. That would be more than enough to delight every kids longing to be amused in a witty fashion. Educational toys are set in and intelligible books kids love to read and ask about. Now that would be doubly convenient for the parents to pursue their errands set at this place. What a delectable strategy, Maple.

Maple’s dish is doused with a perfect taste. Imagine a platter with your ideal treat. Maple can cater that for you.

Maple Restaurant Menu

This red handout is the database of Maple’s culinary pride, the Maple Menu which features western-styled food, methods and imported ingredients. In this restaurant, you can find many dishes, from appetizers to desserts, and beverages of sorts. Dishes are dubbed as more than stellar as Maple’s culinary team consists of highly-skilled chefs who constantly create delicious fusions of western influences and familiar comfort food. Armed with their international exposures, the team integrates new methods and techniques in their kitchen to keep up with the fast paced trends in the food industry.

Everything is sensational, and presentations of Maple platters are works of art. Here are some of the dishes we had the liberty to savor and we think these are some of the must-try specialties.

Appetizer – Crusty Roll with Maple Syrup on top

Crusty Roll with Maple Syrup on Top

Every dining session is incepted with this free appetizer which is a yummy Crusty Roll with Maple Syrup on top. After having done with it, tummy’s ready to wrestle your orders.

Blackened Chicken

Maple Restaurant Blackened Chicken

Chicken breast with a spicy Cajun rub, grilled and served with creamed spinach, bacon and dirty rice. A chicken meat dipped in melted butter coupled with spicy seasoning blend. Hmm, a peppered chicken. Hot and spicy, come and see.

Drippin’ Baby Back Ribs

Maple Restaurant Baby Back Ribs_1

Slow roasted baby back ribs basted with a special homemade barbecue sauce, served with snow peas, cheesy baked potato and corn on the cob. These are tender and the meat falls right off the bone. So delicious that you dare ask for more.

The Salmon Catch

Maple Restaurant Salmon Catch

A fresh salmon fillet, lightly seasoned and then either grilled, pan-seared or blackened to your liking, served with Texas summer vegetables and orzo pasta. A simple steam, grill, or pan-seared salmon is the best. Maple’s salmon is lovely plated and seasoned with various flavors and ingredients like Texas summer vegetables and orzo pasta. Also a dish in Maple we love to fancy.

Ice Coffee Swirl

Maple Restaurant Ice Coffee Swirl

Wake up your senses with Maple’s version of Ice Coffee Swirl. Freshly brewed and full of flavor, Maple’s Iced Coffee is perfect for any time of day or night, giving you the boost you need or relaxation you want. It can be perfectly-paired for any dishes you delight. Cold coffee, that’s superb.

Vanilla Milkshake

Maple’s one of the most refreshing and delightful drinks. With its perfect consistency, pleasantly thick, one loves to sip on it like a genuine-tasting ice cream. Vanilla suites best with milkshakes and it is an outstanding meal conclusion.


…and the bill!

The enjoyability of dinning in Maple is great and incredibly good, unparalleled on its own signature of good taste and reasonable price from a full meal starting with the soup, salad, the main dish, and concluding with a dessert.

Maple Restaurant Cebu manifests good food, great ambiance, and service staff that pays extra attention and these are the basic criteria we look for an excellent restaurant, and Maple exudes all three. Maple is a sublime choice to celebrate life’s magical moments because life is a festival in our own means of liberty. Maple is a culinary hit and a compelling restaurant to beat.

Address: G/F Ayala Center Cebu, The Terraces, Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City, Cebu
Mode of Payment: Cash / Card
Open: 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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